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Helena Del Pilar being invited by many radio and TV stations for



Part 1: Interviews

Find here a selection of the most exciting interviews;
enjoy watching and listening to Helena.


HELENA DEL PILAR - AQUI NOS VEMOS, Nación TV NEIVA 2016 (SEE YOU HERE); My first Visit to the Department of Huila. Hosted by Amigos as the working group of Nación TV

Teleguajira, Helena del Pilar Campo, in an interview with Álvaro Fernández for Teleguajira

Helena Del Pilar at 'Artistas En La Red' 17 June 2017 830 am (music)

Telephone interview at Heliconia Radio - Casanare Colombia

Magazín de la Radio, tourism etc, embassy of Mexico in Colombia promotes activities of the international year Mexico-Colombia

Teletica Radio, presents you: En vivo desde cabina (live)

De Viva Voz, On tour in Monterrey, the Colombian singer Helena del Pilar talks about her musical proposal… Interview by Christian Santiesteban

The Roger Garcia Show (starting from approx 1:47)

Tvo María Televisión, MAGAZIN DE LA MAÑANA. interview with Helena del Pilar

Radio Maria Spanish, interview with Helena Del Pilar

Barbie Sanchez, La Nueva Fm Radio Tv Live (starting from approx 47:32)

Interview with Helena del Pilar, by Grupo musical católico internacional “Una Voz Al Cielo” – Wednesday 20 October 2021

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